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An acorn has the potential to grow into a mighty oak tree, just as your brand has the potential to be deeply rooted in the marketplace. A strong brand identity, consistent branding message and effective marketing campaigns are like the right soil, sunlight and water for an acorn to grow into a strong and recognizable oak tree.

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New brand

Achieving a strong, professional brand identity can be the foundation to launch a successful business, instilling trust and communicating credibility to your target audience. At 8corn, we work closely with you to turn your vision into a reality, ensuring that your brand stands out from the start.


Revitalize your business with a rebrand that takes it to the next level. Whether you're looking to change your positioning, refresh your brand, or start from scratch, at 8corn, we provide rational, inspiring solutions that will help you make the most out of your business.


1. Discovery Session

We take a thorough, data-driven approach to understand your business, industry, competitors, target audience, and existing branding and design. Through extensive research and open communication with you, we gather the information necessary to craft a strategy that truly reflects your unique needs and goals.

Product / Service

What is your product or service and how does it address and solve a specific challenge or problem in the market?

Current Brand

How does your current brand communicate your value proposition and what you offer? Is it aligned with your business's goals and offerings? Is it easily recognizable and memorable for your target audience?

Your Business Goals

What are your short and long-term business objectives? How do you measure success in your business? What are the key performance indicators for this project success?

Your Challenges

What are the biggest challenges / obstacles you currently face in your business currently?

Target Audience

What is the demographies/psychographics? What is their Story? Expectations or desires? Obstacles and objections?

Competitor Analysis

What is the current state of your industry, including competitors offering similar solutions and potential opportunities for growth?

User Profiles

We will help you define your primary and secondary customers, surfacing their characteristics, needs, pain points, and behavior. We then integrate these findings to develop user profiles, serving as the foundation of the branding strategy.

2. Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a long term plan to out-maneuver competitors through radical differentiation.
We focus on crafting a cohesive brand strategy that consolidates your business's values, aspirations, and vision for the future. This step of the branding process is about harnessing the insights gained in the research phase to create a clear, focused direction for your brand.


Tool to make a quick assessment of the strength of your current brand.

Image & Personality

We will uncover the unique personality and emotional appeal of your brand by identifying its key attitudes, emotions and characteristics. By understanding the emotions that your target audience will experience when interacting with your brand, we can create a more meaningful and impactful connection with them.

Core Values

We determine the guiding principles that shape your brand and apply them to develop a clear brand positioning.

Tone of Voice

We establish guidelines for language style and tone to ensure consistent communication across all platforms.

Long-term Brand Vision

We establish guidelines for language style and tone to ensure consistent communication across all platforms.

Brand Positioning

We help you reveal a distinct and compelling image of your brand in the minds of your consumers, differentiating it from competitors and effectively communicating its unique value proposition to the target audience.

Mission Statement

We assist you in crafting a compelling and authentic brand ethos serving as a guide for all decision making and communication efforts, aligning your brand with the wants and needs of your target audience.

3. Design Work

In this phase we make the bridge between logic and magic, where strategy meets design. We understand that design is not just about aesthetics, but the result of well-informed decisions. That's why our design work is always guided by the research and strategy phases to ensure it aligns with your business's values, aspirations and vision for the future.


We curate a harmonious blend of visual elements such as imagery, textures, typography, and colors to convey a specific aesthetic and emotion for your brand. Think of it as mood boards taken to a whole new level.

Logo Design

The logo is the key visual representation of your business, and is crafted to encapsulate the core of your brand in the most minimalistic and impactful form possible.

Brand Identity System

Your brand Identity is what makes you instantly recognizable. It is what forges the connection between you and your customers, builds loyalty, and determines how the market will perceive your brand.

Marketing Materials

We create custom marketing materials to effectively promote your brand. Including Business cards, flyers, posters and more.

Digital Design

We will build a fully functional website, from design to development. We also help you strengthen your brand on social media through strategy, content creation templates, and engagement.

Packaging Design

Make your brand stand out with packaging that showcases your unique identity and stands out on the shelf.

Brand Guidelines

Detailed brand guidelines document that outlines the key elements and rules of your visual identity system to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand message across all touchpoints.

4. Brand Launch

We help you unveil your new brand to the world with a comprehensive rollout strategy. Whether through an instant launch or a phased approach, we ensure that your new brand is introduced across all relevant channels and platforms. We work with you to develop an implementation plan tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

And then what?

We understand that building a successful brand is an ongoing process. That's why we're committed to being your long-term partner, even after the initial deliverables have been completed. Our team will continue to be available to offer guidance, insight and support as you nurture your brand and work to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

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