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Our Mission

Purpose-Driven Design

Our mission at 8corn is to empower brands to achieve their full potential through strategic and creative branding solutions. We are dedicated to surface deeper unique motivations and help you gain clarity before starting the creative work to bring your brand to life. Our team of creatives, strategists, and thinkers are here to solve any challenges your business may have.

Purpose-driven DEsign

Why work with us?

1. Real Value is Discovered

We seek to understand your business, customers, goals, and highest aspirations. We transcend traditional boundaries to deliver truly groundbreaking solutions.

2. Empathy is the key to usefulness

We make design choices based on solving real problems faced by your consumers.

3. Effective Collaboration Requires Learning

We work towards a cohesive, united team where everyone can benefit from shared knowledge and learning.

4. Rigor leads to clarity and understanding

We strive to examine problems from various perspectives to discover the most straightforward solution.

5. Facts and Data over Assumptions

Data-driven approach to validate assumptions and test designs for user expectations.

6. Design for context

We take a holistic approach to design by considering all aspects of the user experience, including physical factors beyond the screen.

7. Innovation = Aspiration + Feasibility

We prioritize practicality in our designs. We focus our effort on the innovative differentiators rather than reinventing the wheel.

8. Priority to Human Experience

Emotion is the foundation of our design process, fully integrated in every interaction, not just an afterthought.

Our Leadership

Meet the 8corn Executive Team

Brahim Farhani


Aymen Charmi


Lauren Taylor

Senior Brand Strategist

Michael Chen

Senior Marketing Strategist

Emily Rodriguez

Senior Creative Strategist

James Davis

Senior Account Manager

Aisha Al-Hussein

Senior Graphic Designer

Seth Migan

Chief Technology Officer

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